Marco Polo Paris

Welcome to Marco Polo

Your Italian restaurant in Paris

Welcome to Marco Polo

Your Italian restaurant in Paris

Welcome to Marco Polo

Your Italian restaurant in Paris

The Marco Polo

The story

The Marco Polo is a restaurant of Italian Gastronomy. Created and animated by Renato Bartolone and his team, the space restores all the quality of the good tables of Italy:

• warmth of the welcome
• quality of the products
• care and creativity of the dishes.

In addition to being an excellent table, it is a friendly and popular space where many personalities from the world of politics, culture and the arts meet.

The establishment

Located at 1 Rue Saint-Sulpice in the 6th arrondissement of Paris, the Marco Polo is an Italian gastronomy restaurant. Created and run by Renato Bartolone and his team, the space recreates all the quality of the good tables of Italy.

The warmth of the welcome, the quality of the products, the care and creativity of the dishes contribute every day to the prestige of this Parisian establishment.


OPEN 7 days a week

Opening hours

monday to sunday

Service from 12:00 a.m to 03:00 p.m
Service from 07:00 p.m to 11:00 p.m


Original Bruschetta 11.00 €
Tomato brunoise flavored with garlic, basil And fresh oregano
Carpaccio di Carciofi freschi 14.80 €
Fresh heart artichoke, , lemon, olive oil and Grana Padano cheese
Antipasto di Verdure di Stagione 14.00 €
Grilled, fresh and marinated seasonal vegetables
Buffalo Mozzarella 14.50 €
tomato salad and basil oil
Carpaccio Veneziano 16.50 €
Beef carpaccio with rocket salad and Grana Padano cheese
Prosciutto di San Daniele 18 months 19.50 €
Grilled seasonal vegetables, cold cuts and mixed cheeses
Selezione di Salumi Misti 21.50 €
Selection of the best Italian cured meats
Antipasto all'Italiana for 2 or more 29.00 €
Platter to share of Cured meats, Cheeses and grilled seasonal vegetables


Spaghetti al Pomodoro 19.50 €
Neapolitan-style tomato sauce and fresh basil
Tagliatelle alla Bolognese 21.50 €
Only with Beef Meat
Tagliatelle alla Norma 19.50 €
Eggplant, fresh tomatoes, salted ricotta)
Pappardelle Serenissima Di Zio Umberto 1976 19.50 €
Button mushrooms, cooked ham and fresh cream
Gnocchi ai Quattro Formaggi 19.50 €
Grana Padano,Gorgonzola, Taleggio and Bel Paese Cheese

Specialità della casa

Tortellini Traditionali 24.50 €
Butter sauce, sage, Grana Padano cheese and black pepper
Spaghetti Mezzanotte Sarda 29.50 €
Garlic, oil, chilli, grated Mullet Roe and flat-leaf parsley
Tagliatelle with Profumo di Tartufo 29.50 €
Black and white truffle cream, fresh cream and pepper
Spaghetti alle Vongole Veraci 29.50 €
Fresh clams, fresh tomatoes, garlic and parsley


Piccata al Limone 32.50 €
(Sliced Filet Mignon with Sicilian Lemon sauce)
Saltimbocca alla Romana 32.50 €
(Sliced Filet Mignon, Sage and San Daniele Ham)
Costata alla Milanese 33.50 €
(Breaded veal chop)
Filetto di Marco Polo 34.50 €
(Fillet of beef drizzled with herb-flavoured meat juice garnished with an crunchy salad)


Fried calamari 34.50 €
(Fried calamari served with light citrus mayonnaise and tarragon)
Calamari and Gamberi alla griglia 34.50 €
(Squid & Prawns grilled with smoked pepper Garnished with a heart of lettuce)
Spigola selvaggia 33.50 €
(Grilled wild Seabass fillet, heart of lettuce and extra virgin oil)


Selezione di Formaggi 12.00 €
(Assortment of cheeses accompanied by marmalade)


Affogato 9.50 €
(Scoop of vanilla ice cream from Madagascar and Espresso Illy)
Crostata al Limone 12.00 €
(Homemade shortcrust pastry tart, lemon cream)
Homemade tiramisu 11.50 €
Mix of grilled seasonal vegetables


Pannacotta ai frutti rossi 11.00 €
Served with red fruits and fresh fruit coulis
Macedonia di frutti Rossi 11.00 €
(Red fruits salad)
Caffè or Tea con Degustazione 12.50 €
(coffee or gourmet tea)

Ice-Cream and sorbets

Cappuccino Ice Cream (two scoops) 10.00 €
Vanilla Ice cream (two scoops) 10.00 €
Gelato or sorbetto del giorno 11.00 €

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